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A Word from Pete

Good Evening Port Ontario! Thursday January 16, 2014

Another quiet weather day in the Port today. Temperatures in the 30's all day and we had a dusting of snow overnight. Very cold weather is expected next week with daytime temperatures expected to remain in the teens. This is after all Janurary in northern New York, and cold weather is a given.

It was not a good day if you were a former cast member of a 1970's sitcom. The Professor from Gilligan's Island and the business manager from the Partridge Family both died today. Roy Hinkley 89 played the Professor, one of the seven stranded castaways stuck on a deserted island. The professor could make a radio out of a coconut shell but never figured out how to fix a hole in their boat, the SS Minnow! Dave Madden 82 played Rueben Kincaid, the business manager of the Partridge Family. I watched and enjoyed both shows as a teenager. Both are reported to have died of natural causes!

I spoke yesterday with with our own Gilligan, that being none other than TV. He now informs me that his ice fishing trip to the Port will be next weekend. That will given me time to move all the obstacles that he might possibly trip over, i.e. the fire pit, the stone pile from my construction project, and my car! He is bringing at least one fishing buddy so this promises to be an interesting weekend, if it comes to fruition. More on this story for sure.

Changing locales tomorrow as I am scheduled to have my first visit with a chiropractor tomorrow in Syracuse. This should be interesting as I have felt all along that my back problems would be helped with a good chiropractor. I am hoping they put me on the rack and stretch me out good. That was the only thing from my physical therapy that seemed to help. I will let you know how I make out.

Speaking of making out, I still have not heard from, nor do I know the whereabouts of the Oil Comglomerate! He has been MIA for several months now. I have heard from about half of our campground members since we closed in November. The OC, CC, the Skipper and Uncle Charlie  as well as Mike are all AWOL. Uncle Charlie is excused as I am sure the Queen never lets him near the phone. All those 900 numbers really killed the budget and resulted in a loss of phone  privileges. As for the rest of you, what's up?

Miss G has a new resturant in mind for our Friday night dinner outting. She told me the name of the place but it has already escaped my memory. Another sign of the aging process I guess. Good thing I have her to remind me of all the things that I forget. I am always up for trying a new place to eat, so I am looking forward to it!

This makes 3 days in a row for the blog, a new record for the year 2014. We shall see if I can keep it up when I move to the Southern Outpost tomorrow. Check back in and see if I am keeping it going. For now, I am signing off in favor of feeding my growling stomach. Have a good night all!

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